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(bisher nur englisch)

Es wird eine Weile dauern, bis ich das hier auf deutsch habe. Bislang verschicke ich es auf englisch, CM möchte nicht auf das Komplettpaket warten.

Nichtsahnend habe ich mich an Esu gewandt, ich wollte eigentlich nur eine Bestätigung dafür haben, dass dieses Jahr meine “Novembereinweihung” bitte ausfallen soll… und dann kommt so etwas…..zumal ich gerade weniger Zeit zum “arbeiten” habe, als es je zuvor der Fall war…. ein paar von Euch ist das schon aufgefallen, ich habe Anfragen bekommen, ob ich schon abgereist sei. Nein, bin ich nicht, LOL. Flug- und Zugbegleiter steigen immer zuletzt aus.

Ich war nicht gerade angetan von noch mehr neuer “Kundschaft”  –  (wie man an der Einleitung sehen kann….) aber was will ich schon machen, wenn CM das sagt und so haben möchte ….und bevor seine “Keksallergie” noch weiter ausufert ….  dann bleibt letztlich nichts anderes übrig… Dienst ist schließlich Dienst. Ich habe noch ein paar ältere Ergänzungsstücke ausgegraben und angehängt, –  das Ganze ist jetzt ein bisschen wie ein Minibuch geworden, mit viel Abwechslung. Ich wünsche Euch frohe Erbauung beim Aufnehmen der Information.


Peace be with you and strength,


faith where you meet lack of understanding,
love where it was absent before
and a divine connection never to be interrupted.
Carry me like a fire in your heart,
ignite the world by the divine spark.
The white dove will be  circling in the skies of this world.
Behold this in your heart, always.”

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon



Conversation between Eve, Esu and CM

18th Sept. 2013

Esu, this is Eve. I thought I’d just give it a try.

Good morning, Eve, does that mean that you are back?

I hope so. I thought about a „I have survived the vacation party“.

You kept working on the other side all the time, you just don’t remember.

Besides, I’m enthusiastic that you survived. I’ve been missing our aware chats, at least I mean with you down there aware.

So, do you think my request of no November initiation will be fulfilled?

Esu grins. I think, CM told you already that your event last year plus the topics around BEYOND put you in a state of having passed the final tests. You bowed the rain, so to say, you have received a status of independance and sovereignity, so there will be no more initiations of that sort. Well, this does not mean that there will be no more challenges.

There is nothing down here to be done without being challenged.

And it’s not just about down there where you are.

I thought so. It seems, you are thinking about something special?

Yes. Indeed. I’m thinking about something you have always denied to do before. Coming along with that idea one had to fear to become under heavy „fire“.

Oh my goodness. Will you tell me details?

I will, but allow me to get CM in first.

Oh. You need to have your back strengthened?

I want you to hear from HIM, what he asks you for. He will not force you into anything, and so won’t I. But you must understand that this request was not just born out of a bore or a need to occupy Eve, but out of a seen need.

Hm. Go ahead.

CM: Eve, dear one, this is CM giving you a hug. I’m concerned about your well being. I’ve never stopped to mantle you with my soothing coat of love.

CM, it seems, your introduction is well suited to direct my mood positively.

CM: No, Eve, I’m just myself, telling you how I feel about you. But you might not like my request, we have been fighting many verbal rounds on this topic.

Oh my.

Eve: I’ll try to keep it short. And please know that Esu is of my opinion.


Eve. You have registered how many puppets are meanwhile dancing upon the showstage of AH which used to be my former second coming organizsation, girls talk, guys talk, invention of an Eternal Grandfather, they have left nothing out. And as you remember, I have announced that we are not going to publish anything further there through any leftover of „channel“.

Yes, I see, but what does it have to do with me?

I want you to do something which you have always denied to do.

And that is?

I want you to channel Nada.


Funny, CM, very funny. You know pretty well how my name was mobbed down by certain forces.  Many would not even open the file or just to piss on it and tear it apart. FxCK!

(Esu to CM) Have I promised you too much?

(CM to Esu) You were pretty right with your prospect.

Eve: The name of NADA is one of the most misused ones. They have painted it pink, washed it with softener and masked it with a mildness making a fool out of a lady warrior. How the heck can it be my turn to spread a cosmic Domestos into all those corners with people sitting into, who do not wish to loose their personal image of Esu’s mate being a new age angel master, calling everybody „MY CHILD“? What do you expect?

CM: Uhhhhm. Whom of us do you mean, now?

Actually, YOU, CM! Yes, I have always rejected to channel Nada.

CM:This is not demanded to be too much!

Counter question: Is it demanded too much of you guys to just make the big rip and start the 3dds pressing the button?

CM: You’re just trying to change the topic. Why is it so hard for you to accept my request and make something out of it?  The first lady of the planet needs to be heard and there’s hardly any adequate person available to serve as a channel for her.

Haven’t I made enough out of it already, with BEYOND & Co, even without bringing Nada’s name in?

You have done incredible valuable service, Eve,  this year was building an ideal foundation for serving as her transmitter… will you rather recommend her to  withdraw into her cosmic kitchen to make dinner for Esu?

Now, don’t you think this goes a bit too far?

No. See, Eve, AH is going on the next level spreading pure nonsense to people still believing AH was keeping to be what it once was. This is an orchestrated mobbing attack against you and your team, against the documentation of BEYOND, but even if YOU don’t mind, they are damaging Nada’s reputation furthermore, by ridiculing her and also my beloved female counterpart Nebadonia – with further soap operas. Today it’s Talk with the guys and Girls talk and what’s next? Perhaps Sex and the City of Morontia?

(I giggle)

I knew I’d make you smile. Back to the topic, Eve. I want you to add some real deal Nada pieces, possibly orchestated with Esu or me. So that – besides of the work of Tom Kenyon’s book – there will be at least SOME true material for those guided to and deserve reading it.

And what if …. I deny to do it?

(grins) Ask Esu.

(Esu grinning) I’ll tie you to your office chair and offer you a candle light dinner for when you’re done.

Ok. Good to know. I’m going to ponder about it. But you are not telling me that your 3dds depend on my work?

No, certainly not. (CM’s looking straight into my eyes)

Don’t give me that look! It does not leave me any choice other than to surrender!

(CM smiles) Very good. You see, noone can copy Eve’s transmissions. Quite a few try to replace you, noone succeeds. I just want you to be yourself and show it to the world. You can start with „Nada through Eve“, asap, please. To maintain your secret for another while.

I’m going to consider. Ok?

See you soon, Eve!


25th Sept. 2013

CM: Now, Eve. Have you made up your mind in regard of my request?

I’ve been pondering, yes, I could perhaps give it a try.

Well, that’s already something. Pls. Start with a piece of introduction and then – as you already are considering now – with a piece on the female role and family, perhaps.

No recipies?


No beauty talk either?


How about dialogues with Esu?

Sounds interesting. Depends on the topic actually. No cookies, please.

Ok, then go and tell it to Nada?!

I did already.

Ok, ok. So, what else is on the plate? The elections in Germany, perhaps?

These were not really elections. It was a show to suggest democracy, while backstage everything was „cut as needed“. Same procedure as used previously.

Ok, done for now.




8th October 2013

Greetings to all readers, this is Nada speaking. You might have heard my name before, and many think to have heard my words. But words were not given many by me, and I will clarify about this later.

You might be aware, perhaps, that I am the cosmic and eternal mate of the one you call Sananda, Esu, Immanuel Kumara. Nada is not my real cosmic name, it’s a synonym I have given to myself to point out dedication in service prior to personal affairs, it’s the one you are comfortable with, so be it.

I’m a member of the Kumara family, I have finished my ascending carreer by receiving my trinitization in Paradise, coming out from there as a „mighty messenger“, as Esu is as well.

Esu and me are in service to Christ Michael of Nebadon, currently occupied in this special seed plant project of Urantia. We have been here since earlier than yesterday and Esu and me were both involved in the mission of Christ Michael’s 7th and last self bestowal on this planet, about 2000 years ago. While much is still being reported about the figure of „Jesus“ and his male disciples, there is hardly any information available about what I did. I was the female aspect incarnate as an adequate consort for the embodyment of the person you name „Jesus“. My former personality is the one you call Mary Magdalen, and although church and others tried their best to eliminate my memory and mission, they did not succeed, because there was a plan behind the events, and always a certain number of people around, who were in the knowing, willing to carry on the divine spark.

Church has imprinted to me the image of a whore, but I was not. I was an initiate from the temple of Isis, trained for a special holy mission, as consort and important figure for the master of this local universe, on his final and 7th self bestowal, destinated to make him sovereign. I had a special training about kundalini-energy, and most people had absolutely no understanding about that. They just saw my golden bracelet shaped like snakes, – as a symbol for kundalini-energy – and they did not know it any better than to call me a whore.

I have to explain to you – for those who have forgotten about it or even never heard of – that Christ Michael, as the creator of this universe, came in a „joint-venture“ incarnation – with his ascended master Esu – and me as the female aspect completing it, matching the holy trinity in paradise. CM was standing in as the representative of the Eternal Father whom you call so lovingly „Papa Source“, while Esu stood in for the aspect of the „Eternal Son“, leaving the representation of the holy (mother) spirit up to me. We were literally forming a descendant holy trinity according to the aspects of Paradise.

I was leading a corps of female disciples when the mission unfolded and when it was about to close with the upcoming event of crucifixion I was entrusted with carrying the seed on.

Immanuel and me had a common child, a daughter named „Sar’h“, who was born about 9 months after the crucifixion, as we received her literally „last minute“. This was no accident, but also planned, as she was destinated to carry the divine DNA on to her descendants, who became the founders of the temple knights and keepers of the true gospel of Christ Michael.

Normally, creator sons on a self bestowal have order not to leave children on material worlds, but Christ Michael intended to make up for the tragic circumstances Adam and Eve had suffered before, as mentionned in the recent work of „BEYOND“. When I say „making up“ I mean it in a sense of „demonstrating solidarity“ with Adam and Eve who are still being mentally condemned by so many down here who just don’t know better than to blame them for having brought sin and a curse upon humanity. And last but not least, he wanted to experience his creation to the fullest.

Now, back to the topic of introducing myself to you. I want to let you have some clarification concerning your ideas about how I am like. You think, perhaps, you have heard a lot from me, but this is not true. You have heard a lot from people calling themselves „channels“, writing down their personal idea about me, some even claim they were my person incarnate, as they are so fascinated by the topic – some even have romantic feelings for Esu – that they are simply taken by the idea to be me. Behold this, folks, even if I was incarnate, I would never ever talk about that, not even secretly. So, these people are writing down their personal idea about me, beliving I was the superholy „Lady Nada“, keeper of a new age holy ray, soft, smooth, gentle, etc. Folks, time to speak straight.

I am the female aspect of a warrior, member of the Kumara Clan headed by Sanat Kumara, I’m standing firm at Esu’s side, standing in for Christ Michael of Nebadon, through hardships and despair. I’m no female activist though, but I’m definitely NOT living in Esu’s cookie jar. I’m a maker, just as Esu is, member of a special troop, I have been doing my part, reliably strengthening him from backstage, managing preparations for future projects on the planet, and sometimes, when he finishes a hard „day’s work“ I might wash his feet and dry them with my hair. You are going to see me, as you are going to see Esu, and I will be at his side, very officially. We need to talk up a lot of topics, you need a new concept for relationships and family, for education and social connections. So much has been distorted with you in this respect.

I don’t wish you to adore me,

as some of you do adore the new age image which was artificially created about my person.


I’m NOT speaking to you from a higher ground looking down upon you.

I don’t put you in the role of children.

I’m speaking to you eye to eye, and also heart to heart, if you were just prepared to feel it.

I have been with you as Esu and Christ Michael have been all the time, unrecognized by you, unknown, I have not retired, this mission will not be over for a long time still.

In the time to come Esu and me are going to live among you, again, as a couple, engaged in something we call „adamic project“. Commonly with the planetary population remaining here after the earth changes, we will develop our model role and work out a new basis for evolution of society in divine alignment.

May I turn to you with one request: Those of you who love to get lost in the romantic vibes of my relationship with Esu, especially in connection with the self bestowal of Christ Michael, please get rid of them. IT WAS A REAL HARD JOB. During this mission I cried many tears, many stories of hardships have never been told. Some counterplayers were not able to see me as the master’s consort, as they regarded the master as a sort of nerd, thinking to have the right to regard me as some kind of fastfood from a sexual takeaway. It happened that one of the Sanhedrines once tried to get his hands on me, trying to possess me, which I denied. From this day on he openly turned his rage against Immanuel himself – who had come to defend me – he brewed trouble wherever he was able to and did everything to prevent Immanuels access to the temple. We had our daily hardships as everybody of you still has, from a distance it seems to be easy to talk about, but li ving this very simple life, having to integrate and manifest a giant mission on a daily basis is a very hard job, under primitive circumstances.

Now, with the Second Coming due, will you folks be able to accept our new role among you? Are you ready to learn from the past? Well, at least I hope so.

On request of CM you will hear from me again. We will discuss current problems of your social structures, which urgently need to be corrected. Now, who was that asking me about if sex was a part of the social structures? Oh my goodness (smile) – well, if the time is right we might even discuss that. Though I have already said a lot concerning this topic, – through Tom Kenyon, who identified me as „Magdalen“ – you can read his book as well if you wish to go into detail.

And until we speak again, please don’t hesitate to redo your images of „Nada“, and rather by thoughts than by cookies. Blessings, may we meet, soon!

I Am Nada, your „housekeeper’s wife“


This older material might support your research about NADA


We start walking through the forest of gold, yellow and red, through fallen leafs upon the path. I keep the blanket together with my left hand, while Esu has taken my right hand. After a while of walking silently we reach the sunny edge of the forest, upon a hill, where a beautiful look on rolling golden hills opens up. Esu has brought a  blanket, too, which he enrolls on the sunny autumn grass, amidst the golden leafs and invites me to sit down. We sit close to each other and absorb the beautiful picture.

„Isn’t that a world of beauty“, he finally says softly into my ear, while I feel his warm breath tickeling there. I nod and turn my face to him.

Esu goes on: „ All we do …. all hardships we take…. are for rescuing this beloved sphere. Feel my body, “ he places my hand upon his cheek. „I’m here, in this body, you can touch me, as well as you can touch the earth, we are connected to her.“ He picks up an acorn leaf and caresses my cheek with it. He goes on: „Amidst all your  issues,  you must remember why we came. You must remember our vow.“ And so I lay back in his arms to remember.

Why did I come ?

I’m standing barefeet on dusty ground, in the sun, long dark hair, age of 12. I’m about to go to the temple of Isis in Egypt to become a priestess, and initiated one. I have no idea how this came to be, was an arrangement of my parents. In the temple I’m told that I was going to be trained a special way for to serve a great avatar coming, .. on this memory I’m showered with vibes, and again, as I type this down here – which is usually a trick of the midwayers for saying „you are right“. I ask whether we were to live as a couple and they confirmed that this is intended that way. They emphasize that I have to keep being a virgin until the meeting manifests.

On my finished initiation I receive a golden bracelet in the shape of snakes, symbolizing the kundalini energy. I have been studying the energetic flows of inside the body, I have trained mine, I know how it works. I’m told to always wear the bracelet as a sign for my initiated status.

In my further life I learned how to hide the snakes, as uneducated people blamed me to be a whore. I still was a virgin. I often wondered how it would be, how „he“ would be, how he would „recognize“ me.

Finally we were to meet at the well. My bracelet sparkeled in the sun and the magnetism between us worked. He helped me to get my water out of the well. Our eyes met and I knew. He knew. This was IT, destiny, why I had come. From this day on I lived for him, for service alone. I joined the mission, actively, and I was whole and it’s strange that the words „whole“ and „whore“ just differ by one single letter. This is what I remember now.

Again, these showers of vibes flooding me, over and over. I had very detailed visions. His face, his majesty, and I rememberd the feeling of bliss on having found each other.

About the battle scars of Esu and Nada


9th July 2009

Esu, I would like to hear more about how it felt for you as a master to be in this 3D world in the mission with CM. Have you felt that superior, that the shadows of anger, rage and sadness and the like could not really touch you? Have you always been this HU-man or have you also been a simple man? Did you receive scars and does this experience still interact with your present being?

Welcome, dear Eve, I see that you just tapped into the time 2000 years ago, and you prefer asking me rather than stepping into your own stored memories. So be it, (smiles).

Well, you and Nada (and CM of course) came here as masters well educated, but did you not also have certain challenges when you felt your being human collided with your higher mission? I mean, in a certain way „Jesus“ did as well co-create his reality as we are doing now.

Right. CM was subject to the free will, and this would have enabled him to decide not to be crucified, he could have easily gone elsewhere to continue his teaching. Nobody forced him to remain. And this decision was everything else than easy for him. As he underwent the same doubts and fears as every other human being on this planet. Of course his decision interacted with the people close to him, therefore my personality as Esu had no choice at all, due to our agreement before the incarnation. All of us were following the agenda to fulfill our celestial mission, and the emotions and hardships were quite a challenge for us. It was not easy for us, even although we came as masters. I had my moments of rage, of anger, of fear and also of sadness and of feeling overwhelmed.

So, Nada / Mary Magdalen had the role of a woman seeing the love of her life become ridiculed, tortured and crucified, remaining in the world as a pregnant widow who was forced to raise her child alone in a foreign country. Maybe she felt that you went elsewhere to build up another existence without her. You won”t tell me that she always stayed in balance on the level of a „higher view“? I cannot imagine that this did not leave scars with her…how could she make her living with these scars?

Well, dear heart, she was a well educated person with a high rank in the order of the great goddess, but in spite of this I guess she had no choice than making her living with these scars. And all these scars were of minor importance compared with her mission of being the living holy grail of the female energy.

I had to make my living with the scars of not having her physical at my side. Everyone of us was whole in the self, but we were missing each other. However, we both were aware of our mission and would not have whished to endanger the success.

Nada”s human experience around the crucifixion did place a very strong imprint to the stock of her memory. Her feelings and emotions in regard of my physical loss in her life were mighty, so mighty that they did rightaway overlay the awareness of the mission. She allows me to tell you that she nearly lost her voice, she cried until her voice was hoarse and her vocal chords felt like ropes. She was very much „man“ in this situation and she felt very much hurt in her gentle soul. When raising our daughter alone, she had friends around her, but these friends did not balance the loss of her mate. She dedicated her further life to the mission of teaching but to the emotions of a loving woman it always seemed like a compromise. Looking back later upon her incarnation she became aware how all was worth it, especially the honor to be a representative of Nebadonia to CM on this last mission before be coming sovereign of his universe. But all in all – this experience has resulted in her being even more straight than ever. This incarnation forced her to be strong in the outside, she thickened the walls around her heart and closed some doors, as these walls were attacked and fired upon, while inside – at least sometimes – the water was rising from her tears of missing me – in which she felt like drowning. All in all she learned how to glue a broken bowl and to live with the visible cracks.

When I was then going on living in a different country – I tell you here and now – that no day passed without me sending her my thoughts of deep love. I often visited her in my etheric body and we were enjoying wonderous moments, nurturing the promise that we would have another very long and happy mission on this planet in the correction time leading into the days of light and life.


4th August 2009

Yes, she is a warrior of light, and she is carrying her battle scars of the material world, and the fact that she will again live together with me on this material world as my official consort will mean real and sustainable healing to the scars.

We have made our plans in common and her wide and precious heart has well understood why things had to be carried out exactly in the way they were carried out – and not otherwise. After all is said and done, all of us will be stronger and more experienced than ever. I beg you to behold this well.
The backstage briefing

Fragile days of men    Joshua Kadison

You are afraid, you are afraid
in these fragile days of men.
and i know
You are afraid, you are afraid
we may never meet again.
Well, so am I but don’t you cry because
I’ll be there in the song of your memory,
in a land where tommorow never comes.
I’ll be there in the wings of a butterfly
where the wind through the tall grass sweetly hums.
I’ll be there in the depths of a beggar’s eyes,
in the rivers of tears as the wars rage on.
There in the kiss of a lover’s lips.
I’ll be there even though you think I’ve gone,
so don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid.


14th april 2011


„Immanuel, what’s up?” She asks him with sorrow in her voice.
„Maria,” he starts. „We must talk. I sense that things are heading for a finale. Time to face the potentials, my love. You know the facts. There’s a possibility that we we’ll be separated and that our common way will suddenly end!”

He looks straight into her eyes. „It means that the sanhedrin and counterplayers will end my life, or at least try to do so. If it takes place you must remain strong – equal how I come out from this situation – dead or alive – I lay the mission in your hands. You as my consort were selected for this, and there are not many – if one at all – whose shoulders are wide enough to carry it on. You must be aware, Maria, that this is the mission of the Father, that this is an event which has long been planned – even before we came into this incarnation. This world has suffered a lot, and it will go on so far quite a while, but we – as the bringers of the light of dawn – have to take care of it, so that it may carry on and last. Maria, I see the tears in your eyes, but you and me must be aware of the divine mission in every minute, you must heed it in your heart, you must place the anchors in people’s hearts, wherever possib le. Even if I cannot be at your side any more, I will always reside in your heart to strengthen you. Don’t allow to be overcome by hopelessness. We are the carriers of the divine plan, and there is much trust in us. I guarantee you, the divine ranks of audience are filled with observers, and even if it seems that you are lonely and foresaken, this is not so, there is always assistance and you must never forget the order you brought here from the celestial spheres. (He shortly interrupts and caresses her cheek, deeply moved) He goes on: This is my personal briefing for you, Maria, I’m speaking on behalf of Christ, who I AM, expressing my deepest thankfulnss for the service you do and the willingness to take the hardships which are still to come. You will have to be very careful, Maria, as in certain circles it’s known who we are, they will try to follow and eliminate you. They will try to take the seed away. You must follow your motherly instinct and protect the seed, so that it can grow.”

Immanuel smiles a bit and furthermore comments: „There will be the seed of the word of the Father placed in the hearts of the people, and there will be the physical seed placed in your lap. You are due to become a grail for the divine aspect, so to say, to gift a dynasty of spiritually educated human beings to this world of hardships, which are destinated to become the torches ignited by the light of the divine father & mother. There will be very few to trust, you must discern, carefully, or the mission will be blown. I rely on you, Maria. Don’t seek the public light. Place the light-seed in the hidden valleys which have not yet seen the feet of many visitors. Work backstage, and please, when it looks like I’m gone, trust that I’m alive. There will be evidence, I promise you. I’ll have to suffer and to drink this cup, but this will set a sign for the world to see. Maria, I ask you: ARE YOU AWARE WHO I AM?”

„Heed, Maria, what I tell you NOW. I AM CHRIST, and I AM the incarnate son of the Eternal Father in heaven, and at the same time I’m Esu, your divine consort, My christed part will end this mission to ascend back to the spheres of the universe and the other part will try to stay a little longer to spread more teachings. Now, be strong, Maria. We cannot do this together, this is too dangerous.”
„Dearest and most beloved Maria. It’s YOUR turn to fulfill your contract. I as Christ heartfelt ask you to take your part and fulfill what you signed. There is nobody else who could take over, this crossroads point is yours alone to handle, while my crossroads point is to close this circle of incarnation for the public.”

„I need to have your promise to go on, Maria, and be strong. The eyes of the universe will be directed upon you! Love is eternal, but these are just a few years on a planet of matter, remember your education. This knowlege makes you superior to all others, and it will greatly help you to be successful.”

He kisses the palms of her hands. „Maria,” he says softly. This divine mission is that big, you may never ever allow it to be overlayered by personal concerns. This is a single and unique chance. You are the only one whom I can brief that directly. It’s in your hands to care best so that it will not be corrupted. Most likely parts of it will become blown, as you cannot be everywhere at the same time, our disciples will do the best possible, but some will become victims of their deficites and spiritual ego (he speaks with more urgency) … Maria, will you promise me to carry the mission on?” (She just stares at him still hesitating). „MARIA!” (She looks at her hands, rank hands of a woman, and her bracelet with the golden snakes shines with the evening sun. She remembers her education and temple training in Egypt. She was told that she was being trained to serve a great Avatar coming. She understands. Immanuel still looks at her, His eyes easi ly penetrate her being up to the core. Slowly she nods.)

„I will take over, I promise you” she replys, placing her right hand upon her heart. „I promise you out of my deepest divine I AM presence. I will carry the mission on.”

Immanuel is very serious. „I thank you on behalf of this entire universe”, he answers. „I thank you in the name of CHRIST and in the name of the one who came to be the guide. Peace be with you and strength, beloved, faith where you meet lack of understanding, love where it was absent before and a divine connection never to be interrupted. Carry me like a fire in your heart, ignite the world by the divine spark. The white dove will be  circling in the skies of this world. Behold this in your heart, always.”



I’m priviledged,  as I can say:

This is the lady who held on and on,
through the tsunamis of life on all levels…

This is the lady who taught me the mysteries of Isis.
This is the lady who served round by round…

This is the lady who has in the same instant been
in the arms of Michael of Nebadon.

This is the constellation of God Father, Son and the Maternal Spirit.
I’m blessed to have you here in my arms, beloved

CM is feeling blessed to have you in as a member of the team.

So be it. Esu.


Eve: Ok, I thought to add some bonus material. This piece is not brandnew, but when I wrote it down with CM – who was in a joking mood obviously – I knew there would not be any chance to publish it right away – some would call it bottomless, while others would name it a soap opera.  It was …. let’s say – a bit too revolutionary, a bit too straight forward – and with myself there was a certain percentage of insecurity left about the question if CM might perhaps have sold me down the river. I have decided to call this explanation a bottom line to the big question why CM left his very own  DNA on this planet – I think the main purpose really was to have a complete treefoil of trinity representatives on this mission – but including a valuable and highly appreciated side effect of exploring the complete range of CM’s creation down here.




At your service, Eve!

Hey, I got an idea why you needed that double incarnation, but I want to hear it again out of your mouth!

So you are prepared to hear the truth, the truth and nothing but the striking truth?


Ok. At first, I”m putting up my occasional halo, to make it look better. And if that”s not enough, I plead for mitigating circumstances. You know, Eve, it was going to be my 7th and last mission on the road of gaining sovereignity. I was aware that my universe is extraordinary with some very dark spots and my lovely seed planet quarantined, a material world , very far away. With some very nice life forms and creations of my life bringer sons. I was keen on exploring that planet myself and I wanted to explore it thoroughly. My father, the Eternal Creator, was impressed about my intention of pioneering and he knew me very well, so he emphasized – especially for me – not to leave any children there. To be true, I had not pondered about that topic yet, but after he mentionned it I could not stop thinking about how it could be that especially this interesting issue of physical love and fertility should be missing for me. Ok, speaking straight, I was not amused. And I was not yet sovereign to do that against the advice of my father. After pondering a long time I got that flash with the double incarnation. The “wasn”t me” -effect, understand? So I developed my strategy of something nobody had ever done before and maybe never more will, as I  keep the technique my little secret. At first I had to find the companion and I thought about the Kumaras, as they are so special. So unconventional, and I rightaway thought to choose Esu, due to his history and courage. I called him for a secret meeting and I clearly remember that he seemed to be fascinated by the thought of a do uble incarnation. He brought it clearly to the point when he confronted me: So you need this double incarnation to experience the human sexuality on a material world?  Ok, that was straight, but he had hit the core. On a material world in a primitive state like it was on Urantia there”s a high risk of leaving children after having experienced physical love. Now, what should I have told the Eternal Father? But with a double incarnation I always could have said: that”s Esu”s kids.  So we “sold” this double incarnation to the Father  as necessity for a navigator in dangerous waters.  Ok, my compromise was to keep it somehow familiar. Esu agreed to convince Nada to join the party as his consort so that the connection would match. I tho ught it could be interesting also, to leave celestial DNA, like Adam and Eve had done it during their mission – as an improvement, so to say. At least I thought it was worth trying.

Ok, CM, Another question.Was the experience worth the efforts?

Absolutely! Officially I state I was out of body when it happend, but you know me too well to believe I did that. I think the Eternal Father knows that I worked with tricks, but he”s used to that. Anyway, the roles in question were acted out joyfully and this experience was a real sweetener in my difficult mission. Now, will you still serve me after having confirmation that the reason for the double incarnation was mainly to experience physical fusion in love between man and woman?

No question, CM. I think it”s your celestial right to explore everything you created.

I knew I could rely on the Kumaras. Grin. And now I”m sovereign, and tricks should be past, at least on that level.

So, have you now been Esu”s hitchhiker or has he been yours?

As well as. Anyway, I loved it very much, I really, really did. I was human through and through and it”s horrible how something that wonderful could have ever been misused so greatly. The time I enjoyed it was just short, but it really was “the best that love on a material world can be.”

So, CM, thank you for your breaking honesty. You may take your halo now down again. Proud  to serve you!

Relying on you!  CM